Ayurveda is a 5000 year-old holistic system of medicine and natural healing orginating in India . It is the oldest known form of healthcare in the world and offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vital and to support them in achieving their full potential.

Central within this healing system is the use of therapeutic oils for self massage (abhyanga). In India , self massage with ayurveda oils (thailams) forms an integral part of everyday life to maintain our natural state of optimum health.

Oils of Ayurveda provide a range of the highest quality massage oils available, formulated according to traditional Ayurveda recipes. These thailams have been meticulously prepared over a period of days, in a unique process, to retain the medicinal and energetic qualities of the plants. When applied, Ayurveda oils easily penetrate the skin and deliver the healing properties of nature directly to the cells of the body.

We honor the traditional healing system and offer respect to the Ayurvedic masters by sourcing only the finest oils. Balanced and radiant; each product has been made with purity and integrity, strictly following centuries of knowledge.

Oils of Ayurveda offer ‘ancient remedies for modern times’.